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EvaDean’s Bakery and Cafe

Open 7  days a week
Bakery hours: 7AM-4PM

Restaurant hours: 8AM-4PM



Whether you want coffee and pastries or a delicious bloody Mary and a Croque Madame, EvaDean’s Bakery and Cafe has something for everyone. French macaroons, decorated cakes, fluffy scrambled eggs or house-made burgers, and seasonal specials are just a few of the high-quality culinary masterpieces you can enjoy.

Crafted with Care and Expertise. Served with Warmth.

From the expert culinary team of Jordana and Garrett comes EvaDean’s, a new bakery and cafe that offers a delightful array of bakery goods, breakfast, lunch, and cocktails. We offer an all-in-one bakery and restaurant experience for customers looking for a variety of bakery items and fresh meals.

The owners are committed to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create recipes that will leave a lasting impression on you. They also proudly support veteran-owned companies.


Discover the artistry of EvaDean’s bakery and cafe.

Side vew piece of honey cake with sugar and cup of tea in food board on wood background

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